Thursday, December 11, 2008

calling all gossip girlers

mr. westwick, i'm impressed.

ps: c, i'm not gonna be so naive to believe that you haven gotten your hands on this.


  1. You're correct once again Miss E., I do know about this gentleman's musical career although I can simply define his music as "not my cup of tea" . Still I have a thing for musicians and he definetly is one~~(like I would care about that in this situation)
    By the way, I'm gonna guzzle down that candy of yours, so cute <3

  2. well he's not the kind to be on my everyday playlist but yet, alongside what he obviously is, he makes music[which is rare that when done by actors&actresses, we even get to call it "music"], and that's impressive.
    i agree on the cuteness factor. i call it "rainbow chuck"

  3. I know this kind,
    Their music career is just a mere equivalent for a special edition marc jacobs bag.
    The cool factor, you see.